PACE budget identified savings of over $200,000 for FY 2019

In response to Jon DeStefano’s question concerning providing additional funds to create an increase in pay for teachers, PACE has conducted a thorough review of the budget. PACE has found areas of the budget where there is potential for extra monies in excess of $200,000. These areas have been provided to the board tonight and will be emailed to you individually, these have also been posted to the PACE website at

Additionally, there are areas where the district could or should re-focus the budget to meet their own board expectations and strategic plan objectives as noted on page 9 of this budget. One of these areas in particular is STEAM, with just over $8,000 allocated to extra pay for licensed staff and $1000.00 in supplies is this really representative of a district that it offering a STEAM emphasis?

We believe that the board should be asking of themselves in what ways does this budget support your expectations and objectives and where does it fall short.

PACE would like to take this time to thank the Board for its participation in PACE’s budget review; this was a great afternoon of shared learning and many questions were answered for both sides.

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