The CORA Library

Welcome to the CORA library this is a compilation of requests and the findings from the information provided.  These findings are the opinion from the information provided.

The Colorado Open Records Act or CORA is an act that requires most public records be available to the public.  Anyone can request information that a government entity possesses.  The posts here will revolve around CORA requests made by PACE members to acquire information of use to the public.


On August 14, 2017 PCSD meeting of the Board of Education (BOE) the Superintendent presented the need for changes to PCSD Policy 710 Freedom of Information.  The policy changes were to align the district with Colorado Statutes and Colorado Association of School Board (CASB), these changes were reviewed by district legal. The district can now charge for personnel time researching and providing results to CORA requests and charge for legal fees incurred by the district.

Here is the presiding document:



Colorado Freedom of Information Coalition website: